Lost Keys?


If you’ve lost your keys in Newcastle or to find out more about our lost key services, please get in touch

Lost your keys in Newcastle?


Whether you’ve lost your keys in Newcastle or they’ve been stolen, it’s important that you find a local locksmith who can change your locks quickly and efficiently, keeping your environment safe and secure.


With years of experience dealing with lost keys for both commercial and residential properties throughout the North East, we can help you if you’ve lost the keys to your house or flat.


What to do if you loose your keys


If your keys have been lost or stolen in Newcastle, it’s important that you inform your local Police station, this will allow them to contact you if they are found or handed in.


Of course, if there were any other keys on the same key ring, such as your office keys, spare keys, or a neighbour’s key, you’ll also need to inform the relevant partied to ensure that the other properties are secured.

Professional Lost Key Services in Newcastle


At LDS Locksmiths, we are experts when it comes to all types of lock repairs, lock replacements, and lock installations in Newcastle and across the North East.


Whether you’ve lost your keys, you’re locked out of your house, or you’re locked in, our skilled and experienced team of Newcastle locksmiths will resolve the issue, as quickly and cost effectively as possible.


All of our work is carried out to the highest standards and comes complete with a full guarantee. We go above and beyond to attend any emergency in Newcastle within 30 minutes, day or night.

Lost Keys – Home Insurance Requirements


If the keys for your Newcastle home have been lost or stolen, it’s important that the locks are replaced in accordance with your home insurance provider’s specific requirements, if you want to ensure that your home insurance is valid in the event of a future claim.


We’ll advise you on British Standard locks for your doors and windows, so you can ensure that you’re fully compliant with the requirements of your home insurance policy at all times.


If you’ve lost your keys in Newcastle or to find out more about our lost key services, please get in touch


Local Locksmith


Operating 24/7, our Newcastle locksmiths provide services in Heaton, Gosforth, Jesmond, Walker, Byker, and beyond.

Emergency Locksmith


Day and Night, we offer an emergency locksmith service across Newcastle, typically responding to emergencies within 30 minutes.

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